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Core aeration relieves compaction, promotes root development, thickens lawn, reduces thatch, and builds disease and drought resistant. The most beautiful, healthy lawns are aerated every year.


Professional quality grass seed will be applied at a proper rate to achieve a thicker lawn. Core aeration is recommended with this process.

aeration plug
aeration plug


At Pro Landscape Maintenance we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and professional services. We always have personal, customer, and environmental safety in mind when we make applications to your lawn. However, we understand that a traditional chemical program may not be right for you. With that in mind, we are proud to add an organic lawn care program to our list of services.

How does this program work? Organic-based granules (fertilizer) are spread onto your lawn just like a traditional fertilizer. The granules break down, adding organic material to the soil which feeds the plant. It also adds microbes to the soil, increasing the microbial activity which helps to “unlock” the minerals that are already there, but “tied-up” in your soil.

The organic program basically conditions your soil, creating a better environment for the grass plant to grow in. Rather than use a traditional weed killer, the goal is to increase the health and density of the turf which will crowd out any weeds.

AERATION is a very important component of all lawn care programs. Core aeration relieves compaction, promotes root development, reduces thatch, thickens lawn, and builds disease and drought resistance.

OVER SEED: You may also want to over seed following the aeration process in order to help fill in bare spots or thicken the existing turf. Professional quality grass seed will be applied at a proper rate to achieve a thicker lawn. Remember, thick turf crowds out weeds and eliminates areas that weeds can grow in.

A SOIL TEST should be done to get a proper analysis of the soil. The soil analysis will tell us what is already in the soil, what is needed in the soil, and what the pH of your soil is. We may need to make soil amendments based on these results.

PROPER LAWN MAINTENANCE is required to make this program a success. Proper mowing at a minimum of 3”, with sharp blades, and at least once per week during normal growing conditions is advised. Mulch the grass instead of bagging. Mulched clippings will help add organic material and nutrients to your lawn. We also offer weekly lawn mowing.

PROPER WATERING PRACTICES: Water heavily and infrequently so the water soaks deeply into the soil. About 1” per week is recommended. If you have an irrigation system, set it to run early in the morning, 2 - 3 times per week for longer periods of time. If you don’t have irrigation, do your best to follow proper watering practices as time allows. Frequent, light watering can actually do more harm than good. It creates a shallow root system which creates much less resistance to drought. It also creates compaction in the soil. We can refer an irrigation contractor if you would be interested in a quote.

lawn aeration Fall lawn aeration
overseed ball park2008 fall over seeding at Walsh Field in Gaylord, MN in preparation for the 2009 State Amateur Baseball Tournament
overseed ball parkSprinkler


Our treatment program uses BOTH adulticides AND insect growth regulators for effective control of mosquitoes in ALL LIFE STAGES. Adulticides control biting adult mosquitoes, and Insect Growth Regulators control young larvae after they hatch before they can even become a biting adult.

WE WANT TO TREAT YOUR PROPERTY AS SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE. Our licensed and trained technician will inspect your property and make proper applications to known resting/harborage sites and breeding sites for effective control. Mosquitoes do not prefer sunny, hot areas. Therefore, we do not make applications to sunny turf areas since they are not good treatment sites and result in wasteful, unnecessary insecticide applications to the environment.

We strive to provide you the most effective control with the least impact to the environment. We will also make recommendations that you can make to help improve the effectiveness of the program such as removing any materials that may hold water (pails, toys, tires, etc.) Did you know that as little as a thimble full of water can be a breeding site for mosquitoes!

SEASON LONG PROGRAM: We recommend a season long program for the best value and most effective control.

SPECIAL EVENTS: We can also make a one time special event applicati

misquito control program


  • Is your mower ready for spring? Maybe its time for a tune-up. Beat the spring repair rush and bring it in now.
  • Sharpen your mower blades! Sharp blades provide a clean, even cut. Dull blades tear and shred the grass blade which makes the grass vulnerable to disease. It also gives your lawn a yellow/brown appearance.
  • Resist the urge to rake and clean up early in the spring. Let your lawn dry out before doing any work. Working on a soft or wet lawn can do more harm than good. Instead, use this time to prepare your lawn and garden equipment. Sand and smooth, or replace rake and shovel handles, sharpen mower blades and clean up mower, remove garden hoses and sprinklers from storage, re-organize garage and tools from winter mode to summer mode.
  • Use proper water practices.
  • Mow high and mow often. Mow at least once per week at a minimum height of 3" during the growing season. Mowing at 3 1/2" or 4" can keep your lawn looking greener and weed free, especially during a drought. Lawns that are mowed short will "burn out" faster and allow more space for weeds to infest.
  • Instead of trying to grow grass in bare spots under trees year after year, consider adding mulch to those areas. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and can really add interest to your yard.
  • Prune shrubs yearly for proper health and appearance.
  • Aeration could be the most important thing you can do for your lawn.
  • Get a soil analysis. It's important to know your soil analysis to get the best results from your lawn care program. We can have a soil analysis prepared for you.
  • Your lawn needs nutrients to survive. An annual fertilization program is very imortant to the health of your lawn. We provide both traditional and organic lawn care programs.
  • Gradually reduce your mowing height to 2" and clean up or mulch your fall leaves. This will help reduce the risk of fungus attacks such as snow mold.
  • Properly prepare your mower for winter storage. Sharpen the blade, clean it up, and add stabilizer to the fuel.

Lawn care does not have to be a chore. Treat yourself to a well deserved break. Take the weekend off. Better yet, take the whole summer off. Let us worry about the yard. We can provide you with service from the first sign of spring all the way through the season until the fall leaves are cleaned up.